Personal Christmas Spirit: Easy and affordable!

Did we miss the memo? Its December 8th and there is hardly any Christmas spirit to be found. We comb the streets everyday, but all we find is shades of gray, brown and black. Where are the reds and greens? The snowflakes? The jingling bells?

The obvious answer is that this recession has preoccupied the minds of the masses. Too busy in the hustle and bustle to really enjoy the fruits of the season. We have covered the best ways to show off your Christmas spirit¬†extensively in the past, but that approach takes time and effort. Maybe everyone doesn’t have the time to dedicate hours to finding the perfect Christmas sweater:

Or to dedicate a weekend to exterior illumination:

Have no fear, Christmas fans! There are plenty of cheap and easy ways to quickly and effectively demonstrate the Christmas Spirit we all deserve.

Do you live in America? Great. Then you happen to live near a K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Sears, Target, Kohl’s, Burlington Coat Factory, Ross (Dress for Less!), Marshalls, or TJ Maxx. Any/all of these stores have loads of delightful Christmas apparel for the whole family!

Family station wagon got the steel flu? Have no fear, the internet is here! Shop victoriously for this gem on Ebay. A sweater as majestically Christmas as that is likely in high demand, and that damn free market will likely drive the price to exorbitant heights. Plus, ebay doesn’t have a dedicated team of reindeer ready to deliver your sweater in time for Christmas. But fear not, America’s discount retailers are here to help.

Check out this chic sweater vest available now at Sear’s. Or this dynamite discount over at Kmart. The list goes on and on.

Pesky anklet got you trapped inside your house? Then its time to dust off the old thinking cap for some homemade Christmas fun. Got a box full of old decorations? Perfect. An adorable pooch? Consider it Christmas:

Once the Christmas Spirit reaches the pup, you’ll want to decorate the whole house. Decorate your interior evergreens and potted plants for the season! Only deciduous shrubbery indoors? Time to get creative again. Scour the garage for an old A-frame. Hit it with whatever you got in the old Christmas box, and make room for all the presents you’ll want to cram underneath it:

BOOM! a Real Steel Christmas tree.

That tingling in the air? That’s Christmas fever. CATCH IT!